20th September 2022
InnoTrans is fully booked - official opening today
"InnoTrans is back, and it's stronger than ever," is how Martin Ecknig, CEO of Messe Berlin, sums up the 13th edition of the world's leading trade fair for rail and transport technology. InnoTrans officially opens today. Representatives of the five founding associations of InnoTrans - VDB, Unife, VDV, ZVEI and DVF - also expressed their delight at the popularity of the trade fair to the press. On several occasions, the players appealed to politicians to provide much greater support for the railways as a mode of transport. DVF Managing Director Heike van Hoorn, for example, demanded that "planned and long-term investments" finally be made in the railways. Around 1,000 invited guests are expected at the official opening today in the Palais Berlin on the exhibition grounds. Speakers include German Transport Minister Volker Wissing and EU Transport Commissioner Adina Valean.
New drive technologies for passenger transport
Visitors to the InnoTrans outdoor exhibition area will be able to see, among other things, a wealth of world firsts from the passenger transport sector. These include the "Blues Train" from Hitachi. The train, which is manufactured in Italy, combines three drive technologies - diesel, electric and battery. The battery enables emission-free entry and exit from stations without overhead lines. The Siemens Mireo Plus H, on the other hand, relies on hydrogen. This also applies to the Stadler Flirt H2, which will soon be the first hydrogen-powered passenger train in operation in the USA. Because the US rail network is hardly electrified at all, there are great expectations for the hydrogen train business in the USA, Stefan Bernsdorf, project manager at Stadler, says. Škoda, on the other hand, wants its new T-series trams to be on the tracks in Germany this year. The trams have been ordered for Mannheim, Heidelberg and Ludwigshafen. The T-series comes in different lengths, the shortest version is 30.5 metres long (36T) and the longest 58.59 (38T+38T). The capacity ranges from 178 passengers to 368 passengers. The train is also particularly sustainable because good driving contact ensures little abrasion on wheels and rails, it was said yesterday at a preliminary presentation.
Vossloh, Pesa and Siemens with solutions for shunting and last-mile operations
The vehicle manufacturers will be showing new locomotive concepts at InnoTrans to enable freight transport companies to operate more efficiently and in a more climate-friendly way when shunting and on the last mile. DB Cargo is presenting its new Vectron Dual Light from Siemens. The dual-power locomotive is equipped with a small diesel engine and a larger electric motor; as a result, it is lighter than the "regular" Vectron Dual and can also be used on branch lines. However, its tractive power in diesel operation is also somewhat lower as a result. Pesa presents its hydrogen shunting locomotive. After one and a half years of development and initial tests, it will be further developed after InnoTrans. It will first be used on refinery sites of the Polish company Orlen, which will also supply hydrogen and the refuelling infrastructure for the locomotive. Vossloh has presented the EBB DM 20 with modular drive systems (see photo). Depending on the customer's wishes, it can be equipped with battery, electric overhead line and diesel propulsion. The significantly extended driver's cab is striking: all the electrical equipment for overhead line operation is housed there. In addition, Vossloh wants to have enough space there to accommodate all the components relevant to the driver, such as various train protection systems, and it should also provide a more comfortable working environment.
Vossloh’s Smart maintenance ‚on the fly‘
let's you record track condition, process tracks and take follow-up measurements in just one shift. Discover your benefits at the Vossloh booth 975, in hall 26 & in the Vossloh Topic Lounge.
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Wissing: Tackling challenges in solidarity
Yesterday evening, Federal Minister of Transport Volker Wissing called for a solidarity between politics, operators and companies at the InnoTrans pre-reception of the VDB. The railway industry is facing great challenges, especially in the upgrading of the infrastructure. The tasks can only be mastered if those who are responsible move closer together. For this the politicians are also prepared to "invest more in the railways than in the roads". In his speech, VDB President Andre Rodenbeck left no doubt that the railway industry was ready for close cooperation. Among other things, innovations and digitalisation will be important. InnoTrans shows that all possibilities are available for this. He called on the participants at the fair to make the best possible use of the event to give the industry the importance it needs. Without the railways, it would be impossible to achieve the climate targets set by the EU and the German government.
InnoTrans: More than 2,800 exhibitors from 56 countries
Finally getting together again, networking, showing off and exchanging ideas - after the Corona-related break and current political events, the 13th InnoTrans is once again proving its importance for transport technology worldwide. More than 2,800 companies from 56 countries have registered with their innovations for the exhibition and the supporting program - some even at the last minute. Once again this year, more than 60 percent of the exhibitors come from abroad. For them and the visitors, 42 halls - one more than in 2018 - and an outdoor area with more than 3,500 meters of tracks are available. The exhibitors have taken advantage of the trade fair break and set a record this year with almost 250 world firsts, reports trade fair boss Martin Ecknig.
Take off into the career
Nowhere is the international transport industry represented in such a concentrated way as at InnoTrans in Berlin from 20 to 23 September. The trade fair thus provides an opportunity for potential applicants and interested employers to come together. The trade fair will provide platforms for this with the numerous events at the InnoTrans Campus in Hall 4.2. Three times a day, at 10 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m., school leavers, students and young professionals can take part in free guided tours of the Career Point exhibitors - exhibitors who provide information about recruitment opportunities and job vacancies. The Job Wall provides an overview of open positions - nationally and internationally. On the Talent Stage, companies present themselves every half hour. The RecruitingLAB offers space for networking with the HR departments of a wide range of companies. A special highlight is the Eurailpress Career Boost: On September 21 at 2 p.m., young professionals will have 90 seconds at the Talent Stage to kick-start their careers. Further information on the program and the offers is available in this brochure.
UNIFE presents ninth edition of the World Rail Market Study
UNIFE, the association of the European rail industry, is presenting the ninth edition of the World Rail Market Study in time for InnoTrans. It analyses the current market situation and draws up a forecast for the years 2022 to 2027 - differentiated according to world regions and market segments. With 65 countries, the study prepared by Roland Berger covers more than 98 percent of the global rail market. This year's edition places a special focus on the impact of climate protection and digitalisation for the rail industry. The presentation of the study and the presentation of key findings will take place today, Tuesday, at 1 p.m. at the UNIFE stand in Hall 27.
Making rail travel more comfortable
Whether it's delicious food or comfortable seats, rail travel has long been about more than technology. It's also about comfort. The Innotrans Travel & Comfort Services (TCCS) area in Hall 1.1 is dedicated to this part of the travel experience. Exhibitors range from confectionery producers and trolley developers to coffee vending machine manufacturers. Visitors can also test a solution that makes it possible to stream movies on board despite an unstable internet connection.To make orientation easier in view of the abundance of exhibitors, Messe Berlin has developed a TCCS route. Visitors can walk along the suggested route to find out about innovations on display. The TCCS route can be found here as a PDF file.
InnoTrans Bus Display: Experience innovations live
At the Bus Display at InnoTrans 2022, manufacturers will be presenting their vehicles, alternative drive systems and the associated charging infrastructure. In live operation, buses will be making their rounds on the 500-meter test drive track in the trade show's Summer Garden, the so-called Demonstration Course. Visitors are invited to take a test drive. Exhibitors include Solaris, Ebusco, Škoda, Van Hool and VDL Bus & Coach. The new bus technologies and their use in public transport will be accompanied by lectures and debates. On Thursday, September 22, the Public Transport Forum will begin in hub27. In the subsequent International Bus Forum, starting at 2:00 p.m., the topic will be "Mobility as a Citizen Service". The Speakers' Corner will also offer a wide range of presentations on buses. The Voith Group, for example, will present H2 storage systems.
Platform for complementary mobility: Mobility+
Digital developments in the mobility sector as well as the demand of travellers for flexible movement enable providers of complementary mobility services to round off the classic transport services (public transport) in a sensible and convenient way. Within the existing Public Transport trade fair segment, suppliers of complementary mobility services will for the first time have a thematically focused exhibition area at their disposal: InnoTrans Mobility+. A total of 26 companies are taking advantage of this opportunity. Trade fair visitors can even try out some of the solutions directly for their journey to the exhibition grounds or into the city of Berlin. The spectrum ranges from exhibitors from the areas of shared mobility and mobility apps with which users can inform themselves, book and pay, to technology solutions such as on-demand driving systems or flying objects like drones. Solutions for ride sharing for the first and last mile, such as ride pooling, will also be represented. Software will also be presented that is intended to equalise traffic flows and reward good mobility behaviour. The exhibition will be accompanied by lectures in the Mobility+ Corner in Hall 7.1c. Visitors can find an overview of all the presentations on the InnoTransPlus service portal under Events.
"Global Hydrogeneration" networks hydrogen stakeholders
Hydrogen is highly traded as a future energy carrier - not only in the rail sector, but for numerous applications in industry and mobility. Messe Berlin is responding to this dynamic with the hydrogen project "Global Hydrogeneration". With communication and networking, the initiative aims to "bring together the socially relevant players in the field of hydrogen," according to Messe Berlin. The first appearance was at the ILA air show in June, and this week Global Hydrogeneration is at InnoTrans: With its own booth (Hall 3.2, Booth 600), a tour and the "Hydrogen Summit of InnoTrans" on Wednesday at 5:00 pm.
Digital Solutions strengthen combined transport
Combined transport is and will remain part of the solution for achieving the climate targets, Ralf-Charley Schultze, President of the International Union for Combined Road-Rail Transport (UIRR), says at the start of InnoTrans. However, as an essential part of the intermodal chains, rail freight transport urgently needs courageous concepts, adapted framework conditions and creative compromises in order to be able to achieve the desired growth targets of eight percent per year. Smart framework conditions need to be created in terms of directives and regulations as well as infrastructure, Schulze demands. With the CT4EU campaign, the UIRR supports the EU Commission's upcoming legislative proposals: regulation on the TEN-T guidelines, CT directive, directive on the weights and measures of road vehicles, regulation on the rail freight corridors and new legislation on "Count Emission". The EU Commission's proposal, which bundles the last four pieces of legislation, is expected in a "Greening Freight" package in the first quarter of 2023. According to Schultze, InnoTrans is an important cornerstone for the players in combined transport: "This is also largely about innovations in digitalisation. Digital solutions will bring many improvements. I would mention, for example, standardised interfaces between the market participants in order to achieve a higher level of consignment tracking and objective monitoring of the quality of the trains."
Important dates on 20th September 2022
•  10.00 - 11.30 InnoTrans opening ceremony: The future of mobility in times of climate change, palais.Berlin
•  13.30 - 14.00 BOSCH - Advances of driver assistance systems for light rail, Hall 14.2 Speakers' Corner
•  13.30 - 14.30 ÖBB - Innovative maintenance on rail vehicles, Hall 27, beta, 6-7, Speakers' Corner
•  15.00 - 16.00 eraneos - ATO, Digital twins and other gamechangers in the world of railway – a critical assessment of digital trends, Hall 27, beta, 6-7, Speakers' Corner
•  16.00 - 18.00 Rail Leaders’ Summit: Pioneering transport - railways for a sustainable future, palais.Berlin
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