Friday, 23th September 2022
Fine dust in urban rail transport - an underestimated risk?
The topic of fine dust, especially in urban rail traffic, may not yet be getting the attention it deserves, concluded a panel discussion in the Speakers' Corner format at InnoTrans. There are still unanswered questions about the real relevance of the topic, said Florian Böhm from the German Federal Ministry of Transport. His authority has therefore commissioned studies from the German Centre for Rail Transport Research. The results should be available in 2023. Insa de Buhr-Stockburger from the Berlin Brandenburg Heart Attack Register confirmed a fundamental "association" between fine dust in urban traffic and health risks. The connection is "weak, but highly significant", as a new study shows. Andreas Gehlhaar, Head of Sustainability and Environment at Deutsche Bahn, stressed that his company was also looking at this problem and following the discussion. The company Tallano Technologies already offers a solution for extracting fine dust produced when trains brake, explained managing partner Bert Stegkemper. Martin Lutz from the Berlin Senate Administration said that the air quality in underground trains should not be the least of the issues to be considered.
Big meeting of the Hyperloop scene today at InnoTrans
Different, exciting, highly controversial: the Hyperloop. The who's who of the scene will meet today, Friday, at the International Hyperloop Conference starting at 9:00 a.m. at InnoTrans in Hall 15.2. The leading companies in the industry such as Hyperloop One, Hyperloop TT, Zeleros and Hardt Hyperloop will be represented. In six master classes, visitors can dive deeper into particular aspects, such as the question of how Hyperloop technology could be used in the freight business or what a global Hyperloop standard could look like. This is the first time that the International Hyperloop Conference is part of InnoTrans - and the second edition of the event ever. The first International Hyperloop Conference took place in Frankfurt in 2021. The companies Zeleros and Hardt Hyperloop are represented with a joint stand at InnoTrans (Hall 4.2). The company Nevomo, which has developed a kind of intermediate solution between Hyperloop and conventional rail-guided railways with its MagRail technology, is also be presenting itself there. The company will also be part of the International Hyperloop Conference.
Ordered regional transport must offer more room for innovation
During their long term, the transport contracts for tendered regional transport must offer enough room for the implementation of passenger-friendly innovations. This is what Frank Zerban, Managing Director of the Bundesverband SchienenNahverkehr, demanded at the Public Transport Forum. The public transport authorities must be assured by the transport companies in the contracts that they are open to innovations. In a joint process, targets would have to be defined and clear financing frameworks would also have to be established. The contracts run for up to 15 years, during which time the vehicles would become obsolete without modernisation. However, the implementation of innovations is not at the top of the priority list, said Mathias Korda, Managing Director of the Central Saxony Transport Association. Due to the rapidly rising energy prices, the current priority is rather to secure the current offer. Prof. Corinna Salander, Director of the German Centre for Rail Transport Research, emphasised that various projects from her institution contribute to an improvement of the overall rail system.
Get on track for Rail 4.0!
Looking for safe control technology for the rail transport of tomorrow? Visit us in Hall 27, Stand 550. We have the solution to keep you moving forward.
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Panel discussions: Standardisation important for ERTMS and 5G
UNIFE's panel discussion "ERTMS - A building block on the way to a digital and autonomous railway" at the Dialogue Forum of the InnoTrans Convention brought together high-ranking representatives from industry, operators, ERA and UNIFE. Klaus Mindel, UNISIG General Director, UNIFE, explained that the investments would have to be made by undertakings, but that saving is on track side. There was consensus among all participants about the current difficulties with ERTMS/ETCS with regard to expansion and financing. A fast and comprehensive standardisation is important for all actors in order to be able to achieve the formulated expansion goals. In the panel "5G in Mobility", which also featured top-class participants, Wendelin Zoepfl, Project Manager 5G/6G, Siemens Mobility GmbH, made it clear that 5G and the future rail communication enabled by 5G will be a game changer. Particular emphasis was placed on the capacity increases and energy-saving potential that will be possible with the help of digital rail communication.
BIM in tunnelling and operation: digitalisation potential for the construction industry
As part of the STUVA International Tunnel Forum, selected experts discussed the potential of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for tunnel construction and the operation of mobility infrastructures. Back in 2015, the Federal Ministry of Transport presented a phased plan for the gradual introduction of the working method for networked planning. "There are first BIM-based pilot projects, such as the one in Rastatt, which are already being implemented, others are still in the planning stage," says Roland Leucker, Managing Director of the Studiengesellschaft für Tunnel und Verkehrsanlagen e.V. Panelists Matthias Flora, deputy chairman of Herrenknecht AG, Stefan Franz of Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und -bau GmbH, Edgar Schömig, member of the executive board of Ed. Züblin AG, and Marcus Schenkel, who as head of infrastructure projects for the south-east region of DB Netz AG outlined the current status of ongoing BIM tunnel construction projects of Deutsche Bahn, provided an insight into the status quo of existing BIM projects.
The PM-DiagBox makes point machines smarter
The simple plug-and-play upgrade for your point machines. Further information regarding your projects can be found at the Vossloh booth 975, in hall 26 & the Vossloh Topic Lounge.
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Innovations also for freight wagons
Actually, the freight wagon segment is not known for its innovations. And yet this year's InnoTrans also has something to offer here. The first thing that stands out on many wagons is the new Digital Automatic Couplings (DAK). The German Federal Ministry of Transport, for example, has brought along the DAK test train. Various freight wagons with digital automatic couplings will be tested in practice. Tatravagonka in particular is strongly represented in new developments. Together with the railway company SETG, the "Sflexwood" for the transport of wood was presented. It offers a larger loading cross-section compared to previous wagons, is easier to load and unload and has a higher payload thanks to its lightweight construction. Since the front wall is dispensed with, there is up to 25 percent less energy consumption, according to SETG. From T3000 to T4000: Tatravagonka has introduced a new pocket wagon for combined transport. It offers a maximum loading space for truck trailers according to IRS 50-596-5. The trailers are secured exclusively via the kingpin. The wagon is designed for the Portugal-Spain market, made possible by exchanging the wheel sets at the gauge change point. And TX Logistik has brought along an improved version of its Nikrasa system. The system, which can also be used to transport non-craneable semi-trailers by rail, now no longer requires a ramp in the terminal and is also stackable.
Local planners must understand micro-mobility more as part of public transport
In order for micro-mobility solutions such as sharing scooters or bicycles to optimally complement classic public transport, they must be considered by local public transport authorities in their concepts and integrated in terms of tariffs and sales. This was one of the findings of the International Bus Forum entitled "Mobility as a citizen service - sustainable, smart and available everywhere". According to Jochen Schlei, CEO of SRP Consulting, a cooperation strategy is necessary. Sebastian Storch, Associate Director at Umlaut, said that so far too little has been invested in digital infrastructure for a better customer experience. Roland Werner, Senior Director Public Policy at Uber, pleaded for the inclusion of his company's ride services as a last-mile feeder to public transport. On behalf of the municipalities and their companies, Rolf Erfurt (Director of Operations, BVG), Anna-Theresa Korbutt (Managing Director, Hamburg Transport Association), State Secretary Meike Niedbal and Guido Schötz (Berlin Senate Department for Mobility) declared their commitment to providing passengers with convenient, sustainable and multimodal mobility. Meike Jipp (German Aerospace Center) used analyses of the 9-Euro-Ticket to show that low-cost public transport offers reach a broader target group than regular subscription offers.
The winners travel to InnoTrans in Berlin
"InnoTrans is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There is so much to discover, which shows how big and diverse the rail industry is. Above all, you get to know the different suppliers and how everything is connected. It broadens my perspective on how big the rail industry really is," says Jonathan Chan, Associate Rail Transport Engineer from Sydney, Australia. With the InnoTrans Career Award he received an invitation to this year's world's leading trade fair for transport technology. And along with him, 16 other winners from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Canada and the USA received a trip to Berlin. Eleven international associations jointly sponsor the InnoTrans Career Award to offer the world's top talents an entry into professional life.
Siemens Mobility Supplier Award for the best
Siemens Mobility today honours its best suppliers for their outstanding performance and contribution to the company's success in the past year. The company's own award is presented in cooperation with MES Expo in the categories Technology & Innovation, Logistics Performance, Competitiveness, Quality, Sustainability and Moving beyond. It is intended to be an inspiration for suppliers and to share best practice examples. Last year, the award was presented as part of MES Insights, the digital complement to MES Expo. This year's award ceremony will take place between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. at Hub27 Beta 8 & 9.
Research projects in ten-minute intervals
Innovative ideas brought to the point in a concise and creative way: that's what the Mobility Sciene Slam on Friday is all about - a premiere at InnoTrans. The slammers will have ten minutes to present their vision of the future of mobility. The audience will then decide how well they have done. Five scientists from the field of mobility and related disciplines will compete against each other. The Science Slam does not require a dry scientific lecture, but wit and ingenuity. The audience will be introduced to the perspectives of mobility in an entertaining way. The presentations are in English. The event will also be livestreamed and will be available as a video-on-demand afterwards on InnoTrans Plus. The event will start at 2:00 p.m. and admission is free for trade visitors (palais.Berlin).
Important dates on 23rd September 2022
•  09.15 - 20.15 The Hyperloop Conference at the Conference Corner, Hall 15.2
•  10.00 - 11.00 Mann+Hummel - Clean air in rail transport as a positive contribution to the transport turnaround, Hall 14.2, Speakers' Corner
•  10.00 - 12.00 Mobility: VDB Future Lab, German Railway Industry Association (VDB), palais.Berlin
•  11.30 - 12.30 Siemens Mobility GmbH - The research project "ASTriD - Autonomous Tram in the Depot", Hall 14.2., Speakers' Corner
•  14.00 – 15.30 Mobility Science Slam -The future of mobility from a new perspective: Science Slam premiere, palais.Berlin
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